Chapter 50



“Hey, baby.” I greeted Chris with a kiss as I walked into the studio. He smiled against my lips, making me smile also. I pulled away, sitting in his lap. We sat in silence, listening to the song Sevyn was currently recording.

After about three takes, she laid down the verse. The song was extremely hot in my opinion, so I was proud of her. She stepped out of the booth, immediately throwing her arms around me.

“How have you been, boo?” I asked her once she broke the hug. She sat down on the seat across from Chris and I before answering my question.

“I’ve been working, working, and working some more.” We shared a laugh, but hers was cut short because she had to get back in the booth. I winked at her before she got back into her zone.

“What you up to, babe?” Chris mumbled deeply in my ear.

“I have to go to the studio in a bit.” I replied.

“How long you gon’ be in there?” I didn’t wanna talk to him with my back facing him, so I stood up, sitting down in the chair Sevyn was just sitting in.

“Until I feel like I got something accomplished, why?” He raised his eyebrow at me before shaking his head.

“So, that means all night?” He asked.

“If that’s what it takes, yeah.” I responded. The way he was looking right now, gave me a seriously wrong vibe. It’s a familiar vibe I get when we are about to argue, so I hope it goes away.

“Nah, you aren’t gonna be at the studio all night.” My face scrunched up, but I wasn’t mad or anything.

“I haven’t recorded in a while, babe. Why are you trying to limit the time that I’m at the studio?” He sat there for a couple of moments before answering my question.

“I’m not trying to limit your time at the studio, Ci. I’m just saying you don’t need to be there all night.” I kissed my teeth, letting him know I was aggravated.

“Why not?” I pressed.

“‘Cause I said so!” He barked. I looked pass Chris, seeing his engineer. I wasn’t gonna argue with Chris at his place of business, so I grabbed his hand taking him into the bathroom.

“First of all, don’t be yelling at me. Second of all, what the hell is your problem?” I spat as soon as I closed the door. Chris put his head in hands, sighing a bit.

“I don’t have a problem, Ciara. I told you that you shouldn’t be in the studio all night and that’s it. As your husband, you know I’m only saying that to look out for you. Why you trying to fight me on this?” He said after pulling his head from his hands.

“Chris, I’m not trying to fight you on anything. I want to know why you feel like I shouldn’t stay at the studio for as long as I would like? I don’t tell you when you need to leave the studio. so why do you feel the need to tell me when I need to?” I asked in one big breath.

“You are pregnant, babe. Any little thing can stress you out and I know first hand that recording an album can be stressful. You get tired quicker because you are pregnant and I know you will overwork yourself. I’m not having it, Ci. I’m really not.” I gathered what he said before speaking again.

“Baby, relax. I’m gonna be fine. I really need to get this album done, so if a lose a little sleep it will be all worth it.” I said in a joking manner. My words seemed to anger him because his jaw clenched.

“You getting this album done will be worth what? You killing my child again?” His tone was colder than ice. I won’t even lie and say that last question didn’t hurt because it did. It hurt like hell.

“Woah, don’t do that. Don’t even go there. You should never fucking go there.” I spat. Him bringing that up was a low blow. I thought we got over that, but I guess I was wrong.

“Why not? I’m trying to protect my son, so if that means you finish the album after he is born, then so be it.” I slowly counted to ten in my head because I really didn’t wanna blow up right now.

“Chris, I’m grown. You can’t tell me what the fuck to do.” Anger seeped through my words, making him chuckle darkly.

“Feel how you wanna feel about the shit, but I bet yo’ ass won’t stay at that studio for more than a couple hours.” Now it was my turn to chuckle.

“And what you gon’ do?” I asked. He closed the gap between us, pushing my body against the wall gently. He moved his head near my ear, biting it lightly.

“Don’t fucking test me, baby. I promise you won’t like the outcome. Be lucky I’m even letting you go to the studio.” He said tightly in my ear. I pushed his ass back with the quickness.

“Letting me?” Another dark chuckle escaped my lips as I just looked at him. See, now that is where he went wrong..

“I’m just trying to protect you and m-” I cut him off.

“Shut the fuck up. You ain’t protecting me worth a damn. You are trying to control me and I ain’t with that shit. Don’t you ever come out yo’ fucking face telling me to be lucky that you letting me go somewhere. I don’t need your fucking permission to do what I need to do. You are our child’s father, not mine.” I spat coldly. I don’t know who the hell Chris thought he was, but my father he was not.

“Who the fuck you think you talking to like that?” His voice raised several octaves, once again closing the gap between, but this time my back hit the wall harder than before.

“You talking about me killing your child, but look at what you doing.” I said pointing out the fact that he basically just slammed me into the wall. He looked down at my stomach, his face softening.

“Look, I don’t want you to think I’m controlling you, baby. Believe me, that’s not what I’m trying to do. I just don’t want anything to happen to you or my seed.” He said softly. The anger I once felt had left once I felt something happen in my stomach. My son kicked me for the very first time..

“CHRIS!” I squealed. I grabbed his hand, putting it in the same spot the baby kicked me in. Sure enough a few moments later, he kicked again.

“Oh shit.” Chris mumbled. My son kicked a few more times before stopping. Happy tears streamed down my face, but Chris kissed them away. I think that was a sign. A sign that my child knew how to make us stop arguing.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Chris said, I could see the honesty in his eyes. I nodded before apologizing as well. In a way, we both were in the wrong, but our child must us realize that none of that bullshit mattered. I kissed Chris’ lips softly, pulling back after a few seconds.

“I love you, Christopher.” I whispered.

“I love you too, Ciara.” He whispered back, pecking my lips. We walked hand in hand out of the bathroom, back into the studio. What happened in the bathroom just now, showed me what was coming. I promised to love and cherish Chris in love and war and that’s what I was going to do.

I believe that our love could win any battle. It’s me and him until the death of me..



I put off this conversation with Barry for as long as I could, but today is the day. I got out my car, walking up to the door of his condo. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. I heard some shuffling, but soon enough he did indeed open the door.

“Hey, um I wasn’t expecting you till later.” His eyes were bloodshot red and he smelled like shit. Not shit literally, but you know what I mean. I turned my nose up in discuss. How could this be the man I was ready to marry a few months ago?

“Well, I’m here now. Are you gonna let me in?” As much as I wanted to turn around and just say fuck this, I knew this talk needed to be had. Mijo stepped to the side, letting me inside of his condo. Opposite of how he looked, his condo was really clean and nicely put together.

“Nice place.” I complimented.

“Thank you.” He said. I looked back at him, trying to see how I can say what I needed to say nicely.

“I tried to think of a nice way to say this, but I couldn’t. I’m gon’ need you to take a shower before we have this talk.” He laughed a little before walking down a hallway. Soon enough, I heard a shower running. I sat on his couch, busying myself on my phone.

A couple minutes had went by, so I stood up checking out the pictures on his counter. I saw a picture of us with Miko when he was born, bringing a smile to my face. No matter how things are now, I can always smile at the good memories Barry and I shared.

Another smile formed on my face as my eyes fell upon the last picture. I remember that day like it was yesterday. One of the last few good days we had before shit just fell through the cracks. Mijo cleared his throat behind me, making my attention turn to him.

“Okay, so for starters, were you high just now? Don’t lie to me, Barry.” I stated sitting on the couch next to him. I put a respectable space between us, making him chuckle.

“Nah, I was high before I went to sleep tho. When I wake up, my eyes look like that.” He said. I searched his now normal looking eyes, seeing he was telling the truth. This might not go so bad after all..

“What were you high on?” I know that was kind of below the belt, but I needed to know. If he lies to me, this talk would go terribly wrong.

“Why you wanna go there? If you must know, I smoked the last of my weed. I plan on staying drug free for a while.” Once again, his eyes told me he was telling the truth.

“So, when is the last time you popped a pill?” His eyes widened, not expecting me to know about that. Before I talked to Seiko, Barry being on drugs was just my intuition, but was later conformed to be true.

“The last time I popped a pill was the day we fought at Chris’ house.” That dated to be a few months back. Once again, he told the truth because it was around the same time I talked to Seiko.

“Okay, Barry. I would say take a drug test, but it would come out negative because you have been smoking. For some reason, I’m gonna take your word about the drug shit.” He nodded before asking me a question.

“Do you think we still have a chance, Ki?” That question threw me all the way off guard. Did I still love Mijo? Yes. Was I in love with him? No.

“We can be friends, but as far as a relationship, no.” I said honestly. My mind was no longer stuck on Mijo. I really liked Trey and I was gonna see where that went. Mijo scooted closer to me, taking me by surprise when his lips were on mine.

“No.” I stated, pushing his head back before it went any deeper. He looked a little hurt, but his pain could never compare to the heartbreak he put me through.

“Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll stop.” He said kissing me once again. I pulled my head back, making him get on top of me. I tried my hardest to push him off, but he wouldn’t bulge.

“Barry, stop.” I said seriously, but he kept going. I screamed as he ripped my shorts off of me. No, this was not gonna happen right now.

“Mijo, no. I’m not gonna sleep with you!” I yelled trying to push him off of me. He pulled my thong to the side, rubbing my clit. As much as I didn’t want to moan, one slipped from my lips. Mijo pushed his head in between my legs, flicking his tongue across my clit.

“BARRY, STOP!” I screamed now punching him in the head. He lifted his head, and I stopped hitting him. He still laid his body in between my legs. He kissed on my neck, making me moan again.

“Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll stop.” He said rubbing my clit with his fingers.

“I don’t love you anymore..” I whispered. Barry’s hand stopped moving and he lifted his head from my neck. His face read pain, but then it showed anger.

“I’ll make you love me, again.” He gritted between his teeth before leaning his head down and biting my neck. I screamed in pain as he put my hands above my head. He held them with one hand while trying to unbuckle his pants.

“BARRY, DON’T DO THIS!” I screamed. He ignored me, fishing his dick out of his pants. He sucked on my neck before biting into it harder than ever. I screamed from the pain of the bite and the pain of his dick being shoved inside of me.

“NO!” I screamed trying to snatch my hands out of his grip. Once I did, I started hitting him with all of my might. That seemed to make him even more turned on, but I keep punching him harder and harder.

He yelled wrapping his hands around my neck. He didn’t apply pressure, they just rested there. I continued punching him, trying to push him off of me. I punched him in his face making his head fly back. I pushed him off of me, running to the door.

Before I could open it, I was being tackled to the floor. His dick slammed back inside of me, making me scream again. He slammed harder and harder as if he intention was too hurt me. My body fought against my mind as my juices drenched his dick.

“YOU. WILL. FUCKING. LOVE. ME!” He yelled slamming faster inside of me. Tears now ran down my face as he started choking me. Once I realized he wasn’t going to stop until I ‘loved’ him again, I gave up. My eyes closed as I started losing consciousness.

He let go of my neck and I gasped for air. He let out a low hiss before I felt his warm venom fill me up. He pulled out and stood up. I stood up as well, receiving my ripped clothing from the floor. I walked right passed him and out of his house.

Nothing in this world could make me love Barry again. I don’t think we were meant to be lovers, or even friends for that matter. Unfortunately, love was a battle him and I could never win…

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